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Blackjack scratch

HTML5 game, available for web and mobile devices

Blackjack scratch has a scratch mechanism which is skillfully designed to fit Blackjack and scratch card players alike. Combining the thrills of online blackjack with the simple joy of a scratch card this game is budding with potential. Blackjack scratch is a top- notch game with mass appeal.  .

Every round contains 5 “hands” or 5 scratch cards which are represented by a pair of playing cards.  If you find a hand higher than the dealers a win is produced and each hand can produce independent or multiple wins. If the player obtains twenty one as a sum of their cards (Blackjack) in one of the pairs of cards it multiples the win three times. The only time the five hands function together is if all five are won in one round triggering a mega win.

The game has smooth visuals and appropriately themed musical accompaniment to your play.  As you scratch or click the pairs of cards a cloud of dust appears under the cards and the prize amount is revealed. Different wins will produce distinct audio and visual accompaniments which are dependent on the amount won.  Cool, pleasurable and entirely worthwhile for players and providers alike, Blackjack Scratch is a unique and refreshing game.

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