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Fruit Machine

HTML5 game, available for game syndication, web and mobile devices

Fruit Machine is a classic and simple 3 reel, 1 line slot machine with vivid colors and classic symbols. Designed for players who like the feel of an actual casino, Fruit Machine is a game that suits all players who feel comfortable in a characteristic slots environment.

 Both male and female players love “Fruit Machine” and it has an equal appeal to players who either prefer to play from home or when they are on the move. 

The bet value can be changed from $1-$20 and the coin value from 1-3 before they spin in web and mobile versions. A win is produced by a combination of 3 matching fruit or a “Lucky 7.” Players just need to click “Spin” to start the reels and wait for the reels to stop to produce either a win displayed in the “Total Win” or a “Try Again.” There is also a “Big Win” and a “Mega Win” feature where players’ winnings can be multiplied.  

Allow this easy and straightforward slots game to do the hard work and get your players in the mood for Casino style Slots.

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