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Jungle Jones

HTML5 game, available for web and mobile devices

Jungle Jones is an all-embracing multi scratch experience with countless features and chances to win, ensuring that players feel incentivized to continue playing.  Players have the unique experience of playing with different odds simultaneously in an interactive game designed to increase revenue and attract all manner of scratch card players.

Jungle Jones, a multi-card game has 3 cards to play in every round, one of which contains a match 2 from 5 to win and a further two cards with “match 3 from 6” and “match 3 from 9 to win “opportunities.  Both web and mobile versions are HTML5 multi-cards.  The player can scratch off each and every card personally or use the “Play all” version to reveal all cards at once; “Auto Play” to play up to 500 games without touching a button and “Turbo Play” to speed up the game. 

Each card has different odds:  Match two to win has a high frequency of small prizes; Match three to win has medium odds and Match three from nine holds low odds and big prizes.

Even in pre play, the scratch game is energized by an Indiana Jones style character. The player experience is interactive in all types of win, with different animations triggered by different wins.   

“Jungle Jones” is an innovative and new type of multi scratch card, for both operators and players alike Jungle Jones is an adventure. 

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