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Kitty Wins

HTML5 game, available for web and mobile devices

Combining the positive elements of scratch cards, the potential of slots games and incorporating an additional bonus game, Kitty Wins takes scratch cards to a whole new level.

Kitty wins utilizes a slots game mechanism whilst maintaining the elements that players love about online scratch cards: pleasing visual stimulation; relaxing background music and intuitive gameplay. At the same time, the user can experience an exciting bonus game with huge prizes.

Both web and mobile versions are multi-lined scratch cards with 3 lines to be played in each round. Players can scratch off each and every card personally or use the "Play for Me" option to reveal the cards; choose “turbo play” or “Auto Play”.  Fifteen symbols in total are revealed as the card is scratched off. 

Matching 3, 4 or 5 symbols from left to right on a line produces a win and the “wild” joker can be used to complete either a match of 3, 4 or 5 symbols. Matching 4 symbols triples your potential win and matching 5 symbols multiplies your win by 5 times.  In addition if a player receives 3 bonus symbols in a round, the bonus game is triggered, and another cash prize is available.

This game is expertly designed to suit the needs of both scratch and slots players, both attractive and relaxing, all players will truly enjoy this exclusive and exceptional game.   

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