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1st Level Customer Support

1st Level Customer Support is the human face of your online business. First impressions count, and you need trained and professional support workers who can speak to players in their own languages, guide them through the registration and depositing processes, and deal quickly and efficiently with problems as they occur. Your players come from every age range, background and country; some require one on one assistance with technical issues, credit cards and other payment methods. You can relax knowing that your business is represented by friendly, helpful and patient people who will make everything run smoothly. Support staff work quietly behind the scenes on a 24 basis, maintaining a high level of player satisfaction and upselling deposits. The team is skilled at handling conversions, declines and APM and risk detection. They are also proactive, reaching out to lapsed players and checking security issues.

Rely on dedicated Support Staff who have been selected for their personal skills then thoroughly trained. They know the games and the sites, understand the procedures and client expectations and, most importantly; understand the players.