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The Platform

The Anakatech platform combines a flexible and easy to use back office system (designed around a revolutionary and intuitive admin control concept) with a unique games portfolio. While Anakatech’s games may appear simple, they are tremendously smart: their fun feel and straightforward usage conceal a high level of sophistication and innovation.

The Promise

We remain true to our origins at Anakatech, and have never forgotten that the essence of online gaming is a strong combination of profitable partnerships and fun products. That excitement, enjoyment and outstanding value is now being delivered to our partners and players worldwide with our white labeling and operational services suite.

The Potential

There has never been a better time to become an Anakatech partner and benefit from all the opportunities that our commitment to quality and growth offer. With HTML5 technology we offer services to clients at all levels, from developing unique games through providing customer support to your clients we can work towards your needs at your pace.


Long Term Thinking & Commitment

At Anakatech we think strategically. That means we actively seek out lifelong partnerships. Open Communication between clients and ourselves is the key reason for Anakatech’s success and we are always adapting our online and mobile services to meet all our clients’ needs.


Crucial to our future success is sustained and targeted investment. We approach this by not only investing in R&D but by investing in Anakatech. A considerable portion of profits are immediately channeled back into the company, ensuring that we are set to fully exploit everything the future holds. We also invest in our staff and pay special attention to education and training within the company, encouraging our staff to achieve their full potential. We are not interested in following industry trends – we are here to set them.


The soft gaming industry is full of products, but at Anakatech we go one step further by creating original and exciting games. Our approach to development is characterized by boldness, creativity and a refusal to be bound by conventional thinking. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities. Whether it’s new games, new generation technology or the latest marketing solutions, we are trailblazers.