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Super Stars

HTML5 game, available for web and mobile devices

Inventively combining six of the world’s favorite sports with a traditional scratch card experience, Super Stars offers something fresh and exciting for all scratch card fans.  The fact you can change themes in between each round allows for constant reinvention, and such diversity helps keep players enthralled.

This HTML5 game is based on the classic ‘3 to win’ prototype, while its capacity for repeat play and broad appeal means it has a modern edge in terms of gameplay.  Players are prompted to choose from six different themes (football, basketball, American football, golf, tennis and baseball) then scratch the designated area – if three matching symbols are revealed, they win a cash prize.

Each theme has its own style, background and designated scratch area – no two games are the same, and each one boasts its own mood and atmosphere.  The high-energy music lets players feel as if they are in an actual stadium or arena, while the sound effects tie everything together, with each selectable icon and accomplishment within the game coming with its own unique audio effect.  For example, when the player matches three symbols, their efforts are rewarded by a large and appreciative crowd.

One of the game’s best features is its capacity to move seamlessly from one theme to another.  This means players can play one round within the game’s ‘football’ theme, while the second round can quickly be changed to the ‘baseball’ theme – there is no lag when changing between games, and this affords players the luxury of continued play, without any pauses or interruptions.     



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