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Tiki treat

Tiki Treat

HTML5 game, available for web and mobile devices

“Tiki Treat” is an exclusive online pull tab game designed to provide players with a unique and simple gaming experience from their desktop or mobile device. “Tiki Treat” offers an opportunity for monetization of players who are interested in small frequent wins and has medium volatility.

This is a multi-card game and there are 6 cards played in every round, each containing a “match 3 to win “opportunity.

This pull tab games offers high engagement as players can pull off each and every card, similar to the scratch option available in all games with a scratch card mechanism or use the Play all” version to reveal all cards at once; “Auto Play” to play up to 500 games without touching a button and “Turbo Play” to speed up the game.

Once the icons are revealed there are simple effects triggered by different winning combinations which suffice to keep players enthusiastic.

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