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Vegas Cash

HTML5  game, available for web and mobile devices

Vegas Cash is a rewarding multi scratch game with countless features to get players into the casino mood. Not only can they play like high rollers in each and every round, the scratch game offers an interactive animation experience giving game providers the opportunity to attract a wider range of players and increase revenue.

This is a multi-card game and there are 4 cards to play

in every round, each containing a “match 3 to win “opportunity

. Both web and mobile versions are HTML5 multi-cards, each with a chance to produce 3 similar symbols for a cash prize.  The player can scratch off each and every card personally or use the “Play

all” version to reveal all cards at once; “Auto Play” to play up to 500 games without touching a button and “Turbo Play” to speed up the game.  Six casino icons are revealed as you scratch off the card and the player needs 3 icons to match to win a randomized prize. Twenty four symbols in total are revealed as the card is scratched off.

Even in pre play, the scratch game is animated by a game character who is a female croupier. The player experience in play is responsive in each type of win, encouraging players in small wins with a “thumbs up” and throwing wads of cash in the air on medium wins.

Vegas Cash” is ingeniously designed to be vibrant, simple and highly lucrative for game operators, giving players and providers alike plenty of reason to celebrate.


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